”… the best jazz guitarist Japan has ever produced…” (5 Stars)
– AllAboutJazz, Chris Mosey (The Nobuki Takamen Trio CD review)

”… This is jazz guitar trio music at its finest…”
– AllAboutJazz, Mark Sullivan (Live in Japan CD review)

”… Takamen is a master. Beautiful solo guitar… he simply seems to bring the sun out when he plays.”
– Vintage Guitar Magazine (Solo Guitar CD review)

”… Jim Hall meets Wes Montgomery on their way to a Kenny Burrell show…”
– Critical Jazz (Three Wishes CD review)

”… a mature player with keen sense of composition [and] considerable technical skills…”
– Vintage Guitar Magazine (Live at the Iridium CD review)

”… prodigious technique… strong and lyrical melodies akin to James Taylor’s, which sink into the mind, inviting subconscious lyric-writing from even the most casual listen.” (5 Stars)
– AllAboutJazz, Dave Major (FROM NOW ON CD review)

”… the compositions are engaging, and the group dynamic is never less than brilliant.”
– Just Jazz Guitar (Bull’s Blues CD review)

”Apart from his unique phraseology, and a self-evidence for a wide harmonic landscape, he furthermore draws from a multitude of different genres and melts them into something distinctively his own.”
– AllAboutJazz, Friedrich Kunzmann (The Nobuki Takamen Trio CD review)

”The leader’s influences are many, but have evolved along with his style: from the early direct influence of Wes Montgomery, which is still present, to Barney Kessel and quite a few others in between. That said, in blending all these influences and inspirations Takamen has been able to distill a personal approach as well as develop considerable compositional skills.”
– The New York City Jazz Record, Marco Cangiano (The Nobuki Takamen Trio CD review)

”This CD is the examplar of some fo the most vibrant new sounds on guitar trio today.”
– Roberta on the Arts (The Nobuki Takamen Trio CD review)

”The seventh set from this post bop guitarist leaves no room for doubt…”
– Midwest Record (The Nobuki Takamen Trio CD review)

”… His music always swings whether taken at a medium or slow tempo, and Takamen, like Joe Pass, sounds like a complete group by himself… throughout the set invigorates the tradition of straight ahead jazz guitar…”
– The Author of ”The Great Jazz Guitarists”, Scott Yanow (Solo Guitar CD review)

”… Takamen clearly is an extremely gifted improviser and composer, and this is a most advantageous showcase for both of those talents.”
– Just Jazz, Bob Bernotas (Solo Guitar CD review)

”… What is here is totally enjoyable music, and a truly exceptional solo guitar debut from Nobuki Takamen. He’s a jazz guitarist to watch.”
– AllAboutJazz (Solo Guitar CD review)

”… he constructs his compositions with an ear to the sum of all instruments, not to highlight his own skills… ”
– The Gear Page (FROM NOW ON CD review)

”… the guitarist serves up roller-coaster, angular melodies, played with care on a clear guitar, picking out one crisp note at a time, letting it ring out before moving to the next…”
– DownBeat Magazine (FROM NOW ON CD review)

”The tunes are moremorable and dynamic with tight arrangements and of course, great playing from all involved. … a keen sense of melody and taste…” 
– Jazz Guitar Life (Canada) (Bull’s Blues CD review)

”Takamen’s compositions carry his signature and are always characterized by a cleary defined melodic direction and generally a lot of taste.”
– Jazz’n’more (Switzerland)

”… [Nobuki] mixes roughly equal parts Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall and himself in 8 own compositions, which in several instances are so well crafted, melodically and harmonically, that I quickly start to hum them.”
– Jazz Special (Denmark)

”The bebop-inspired compositions swing with a vengeance.”
– Jazz Flits (Netherlands)

”Pleasing, calming yet still interesting jazz guitar…”
– CD ismertetok (Hungary)

”… his music and guitar playing are filled with originality which are derived from the fact that he has already digested the jazz guitar tradition and sublimed it into his own…”
– Jazz Life Magazine (Japan)