Lesson Materials

+Same Note Exercise
+The Gap
+Open Strings Chart
+Harmonics Study

+Counting Syllables
+Polyrhythms Against 2 (3:2, 5:2, 7:2)
+Polyrhythms Against 4 (3:4, 5:4, 7:4)
+Polyrhythms 4 Against (4:3, 4:5, 4:7)

+16th Note Picking Patterns

Sight Reading:
+Unitar with Treble Clef
+Notes Recognition Memorandum

+12 Bar Blues Chord Progressions
+Blues Chord Progressions (3 Versions)
+Minor Blues Chord Progression (3 Versions)
+Jazz Blues Chord Progressions in F

Rhythm Changes:
+Rhythm Changes Progressions

Two Line Improvisation:
+R-7 5-3 Double Stops

+4 Triads
+Triadic Shapes for Walking Bass Line
+Diagonal Triads

+Diatonic Chords (Major Scale)
+Diatonic Chords in 12 keys (Major Scale)
+4 Essential 7th Chords
+4 More Essential 7th Chords

CAGED System:
+Major Triads (CAGED)
+Minor Triad (CAGED)
+7th Chords (CAGED)
+CAGED and Major Pentatonic Scale
+CAGED and Minor Pentatonic Scale

+CAGED and Scales (2 Major and 3 Minor Scales)
+In-The-Position Scales
+Three-Note-Per-String Scales

Pentatonic Scales:
+Minor Pentatonic & Major Pentatonic Scale
+Minor 6th Pentatonic & Dominant Pentatonic Scale

Symmetrical Scales:
+Sesqui-Tone Scale and Diminished Scale
+Whole-Tone Scale and Augumented Scale

+Chord Construction
+Chord Transformation
+Voicing Transformation
+Guide Tones for Shell Voicings (with TAB)
+6 Shell Voicings (with chord diagrams)
+Shell Voicing with Tensions (for jazz blues)

+Three Note Voicing
+Freddie Green Voicing
+Drop 2 Voicing
+Drop 3, Drop 2 & 4 Voicing

+ Chromatic Scale with Accents
+ Chromatic Scale and Picking Patterns
+ Cycles
+ Voice Leading Chart

Blank Chord Diagrams and Fingerboard Charts:
+Horizontal Chord Diagram
+Vertical Chord Diagram

+Horizontal Fingerboard Chart
+12 Fret Fingerboard Chart (Vertical)
+12 Fret Fingerboard Chart (Horizontal)
+15 Fret Fingerboard Chart (Vertical)
+22 Fret Fingerboard Chart (Vertical)

+Staff Paper

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